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Fresno means "ash tree" in Spanish, but it's also the founder’s hometown in California. It isn’t exactly considered a cultural hotspot and wasn’t blessed with that great California weather. Yet people have immigrated from all over the globe searching for opportunity, turning the arid region into the largest agricultural producer in the world and creating many other successes along the way. Fresno Ventures embodies the city's can-do attitude, and we bring that passion to our businesses and entrepreneurs.


Fresno Ventures is a boutique investment firm, with presence in the U.S. & Mexico. We identify, partner with and build innovative businesses regardless of the industry anywhere in the Americas. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Mexico City or Salt Lake City, we consider that the Americas!


We’re not your typical investment firm, and we're not consultants, we don’t wear suits (unless we absolutely have to!) and we work with you side by side to grow and position your business. We’re not someone you report to, we’re on your team helping you and your business. We work together with our founders to provide the expertise and financial resources they need to execute their vision.

Founder & Managing Partner
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NÁjera Trejo
Director of Operations & Partner
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Director of Finance & Partner
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